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A Message from Our CEO:

In my last message, I concluded with a note about being optimistic about the bank's future. The bank has a rich history dating back many decades and I feel the need to honor that legacy.

Legacy is important to us all. We all come from somewhere and we generally celebrate the accomplishments of our forefathers. For example, I grew up on a farm in Idaho settled in 1883 by my great grandpa James Steel. He was a tailor from Scotland and knew nothing about farming, but he teamed up with a farmer and the two came to the west and then to Idaho. They found a large plot of ground that had tall sagebrush and lots of it, so the conclusion was the land had to be fertile. It was near a river, providing lots of water. In 2006, my wife and I bought some of that land which unfortunately found its way out of the family. I am honored to have it back in the family name (honoring the legacy of my great grandpa). 

Many of you have been long-time customers of Southwest Capital Bank, and many have worked with or for Southwest Capital Bank (or Las Vegas Bank before SWCB) for many more years than I have, but I feel a real sense of community, ownership, and respect for the bank’s forefathers whether they are customers or employees.

We build with each other, and we all have the opportunity to make Southwest Capital Bank the bank of choice in our communities. My goal, … our goal is that when someone says, we need to talk to the bank, that bank is Southwest Capital Bank.

Over the past few years, like my great grandpa, we have spent time clearing out the sagebrush, digging ditches, and building facilities to grow into the future. I can only hope that we can continue to work together and accomplish a far greater goal.


Chez The Paper