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A Message from Our CEO:

I think the year 2023 will go down in the Southwest Capital Bank history books as one of the better years. Assets and deposits have fluctuated wildly through the year, but we continue to rebuild capital from bank earnings. On an asset (loan) quality perspective, we have done a nice job of cleaning up the banks’ balance sheet. In 2023, the bank foreclosed on one property, and we will actively work to get that property sold to repay the loan.

We have placed a renewed emphasis on community involvement and invested heavily in community development in low to moderate income areas the bank operates in. We continue to strengthen our teams; we are making investments in overdue repairs around the bank’s footprint and expect you will continue to see this as we try to improve the surroundings from which we work. These results come from work, focus and effort.

Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase Bank is credited with saying: "If you want to be a winner, then compare yourself to the best and acknowledge that it will never happen without hard work."

I like this quote on a couple of levels. First, each quarter we compare ourselves to peers around the state, most of whom are well run banks and we are improving each quarter. Secondly, as I look around and listen to the stories told by our teammates, everyone is working hard which includes our workdays, early mornings, evenings, and weekends. I know it takes a toll, but we have and continue to make tremendous headway in becoming the Bank of Choice.

I look forward to seeing how the year ends and beginning a new year. I am very optimistic about the future of Southwest Capital Bank. We have a rich history dating back many decades and I feel the need to honor that legacy.

Thank you for your involvement in continuing to build the bank of choice.


Chez The Paper