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IRA Information:

Traditional IRAs (Not employer-sponsored)


Roth IRAs (Not employer-sponsored)



A SEP (Simplified Employee Pension) IRA is a Traditional IRA set up under a written arrangement that allows employers to contribute to the IRA on the employee’s behalf (employer contributions may be discretionary). Generally, SEP IRAs have the same rules and requirements as Traditional IRAs.


Rollovers and Transfers

Southwest Capital Bank can help individuals set up a Traditional or Roth IRAs to keep retirement savings on track during life transitions — and make the entire process seamless.

*Please consult your tax advisor for information regarding tax benefits.



Certain Retirement Accounts

A retirement account is insured under the Certain Retirement Accounts ownership category only if the account qualifies as one o the following:


Self-directed defined contribution plan account includes:


Self-directed Keogh plan account (or H.R. 10 plan account) designed for self-employed individuals

Section 457 deferred compensation plan account, such as an eligible deferred compensation plan provided by state and local governments regardless of whether the plan is self-directed

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